What to Expect -WBC

Our trained staff have many years combined experience in the fitness and wellness arena and will be there to assist you through your revitalizing three minute journey. First, a waiver is required which confirms whether you have any pre-existing conditions which would preclude you from using cryotherapy. Then, your cryotherapy session will be explained. Next, we will provide you with a robe, and dry socks and gloves change into.


What do you need to bring/wear? Men should wear cotton briefs or boxers. Women should wear underwear and may also wear a sports bra (no metal or underwire), if desired but not necessary. It's important that ALL CLOTHING BE DRY for your cryotherapy sessions. All piercings and jewelry must also be removed prior to the session.  


Once you are wearing the provided robe, socks and gloves; you will enter the cryosauna to begin your session.  We ensure your privacy so you will remove your robe once you are in the cryosauna and only your head and neck will be visible. Our professional staff will communicate with you as you begin your 3 minute session.  

Some clients may feel a bit energized or excited during their session while burning 500-800 calories. Clients have described their sessions as rejuvenating, invigorating or refreshing. Once your session is completed, the robe is handed back to you. Clients enjoy a boost in endorphins that may last up to 8 hours and improved sleep is often reported. Continued regular cryotherapy may assist with quicker recovery and symptoms from pain, inflammation, and injuries.  

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